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Sump Pump Repair in New Holland & Lancaster, PA

The sump pump is likely to be a forgotten appliance in your home or business. Thankfully, this appliance is also the least often used, sitting in your basement for years without having to be utilized. But, when you need it, you really need it — so you want it to work. If it’s not operable from lack of use or a mechanical problem, you might be facing major water damage and the health threat sewage or flooding poses.

Sump Pump Installation, Plumbing Company in New Holland and Lancaster, PA

The Witmer Company is Lancaster’s leading plumbing company and will help keep your sump pump working all year long. Besides maintaining it, we’re fully equipped to make the repairs it might need.

Give us a call at 717-288-7163 or contact us online to schedule your sump pump repair in New Holland or Lancaster!

Typical Sump Pump Repairs in the New Holland Area

Not sure what your sump pump problem is? Our experts at The Witmer Company can help diagnose and solve the problem with a fast repair. The most common sump pump repairs we see are with:

The Float

When the float isn’t working, it won’t trigger the pump to start. If it’s stuck, the pump can’t remove the water, flooding your basement. Besides the water damage, the area that floods will need extensive cleaning and sanitation to make it safe.

The Sump Pit

The sump pit is the hole in which the sump pump sits. Over time, it can fill with debris that could interfere with the pump’s operation. Items from the pit can damage the internal parts if the pump pulls them inside. Keeping the pit clean is part of sump pump maintenance, whether performed by you or a plumbing pro from The Witmer Company.

The Check Valve

If the check valve isn’t operating correctly, it may need to be replaced. We test its operation by pouring water into the sump pit. If the water returns to the pit after being pumped, we’ll inspect this valve and replace it.

The Impeller

The impeller has blades that can catch debris flowing into the pump. It’s possible for the debris to get caught in the blades, which slows the impeller’s action. Keeping the sump pit clean goes a long way toward smooth impeller operation, but if the incoming water is laden with debris and the screen isn’t intact, the impeller may suffer.

The Power Supply

Sometimes, there’s an electrical problem that could start at the circuit breaker, plug, outlet, or components inside the sump pump. We can identify the problem quickly using our test equipment and either fix the problem or take steps to repair or replace the pump.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pump Repairs

[accordion-main][accordion-item title=”Should I repair or replace my sump pump?”]

If correctly installed and maintained, your sump pump should operate optimally for up to 10 years. By that point, enough parts have worn down that repairs become short-term fixes, and you’re constantly left chasing new problems.

Sump pump failure can result in significant water damage, so it’s best to replace your sump pump if it needs frequent repairs instead of waiting for it to fail.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How can I avoid needing sump pump repairs in the future?”]

You should try to keep your sump pump clean and test it regularly. Your sump pit will accumulate dirt and debris, to say nothing of the potential for problems caused by long-stagnant water in a dry season.

We recommend annual maintenance to clean your sump pit and monitor and repair small issues before they cause sump pump failure.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What are the early signs of a sump pump problem?”]

Contact a professional plumber for sump pump service if you notice:

  • Strange noises
  • Constant operation when it isn’t raining
  • Visible rust
  • Inconsistent motor behavior
  • Vibration

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How do I test my sump pump?”]
Pour a few gallons of water into the sump pit. The float should rise and turn on the sump pump, preventing the water from reaching the top of the sump pit.

Once the water is pumped, ensure your sump pump turns back off. You need professional sump pump repair if it doesn’t operate as expected.

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