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HVAC Services in New Holland & Lancaster, PA

In Pennsylvania, a reliable heating and cooling solution is necessary to combat winter temperatures that can be brutally cold and summers that can be hot and humid. To keep your home comfortable year-round, you need an HVAC provider that you can count on for quality services.

HVAC Services, HVAC Company in New Holland and Lancaster, PA

At The Witmer Company, your comfort is our top priority. We offer complete HVAC installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services for heating and air conditioning systems, as well as indoor air quality services and 24-hour emergency service. Since 1941, we have been helping homeowners throughout the New Holland and Lancaster areas create comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient homes.

Is your heating or cooling system giving you trouble? Contact The Witmer Company today at 717-288-7163 to schedule HVAC services in New Holland, Lancaster, and the surrounding areas.

HVAC Installation & Replacement Services

If your heating or air conditioning system is over 15 years old and starting to have reliability issues, it may be time to consider a replacement. A new HVAC system will often provide significant energy savings, improved comfort, and higher reliability. With our quality HVAC systems from companies like York and Goodman, you can expect a long service life and quality support. At The Witmer Company, we offer complete installation and replacement services for a variety of HVAC equipment, including:

Our HVAC experts will provide a professional installation with comprehensive load calculations to size the system properly and removal of the old equipment.

Contact us today for a quote on your HVAC installation in New Holland, Lancaster, or the surrounding areas.

HVAC Repair Services

From minor problems to major emergencies, our team at The Witmer Company can provide HVAC repairs that are professional, reliable, and cost-effective. Our certified HVAC experts can repair nearly any HVAC problem, including:

  • Startup and performance problems
  • Poor temperature or humidity control
  • Electrical or thermostat problems
  • Blower motor failures
  • Combustion or ignition problems on furnaces or boilers
  • Flue gas or carbon monoxide leaks
  • Frozen or leaking AC coils
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Compressor or start capacitor problems
  • And more!

If the problem cannot wait until the next business day, such as a furnace that is leaking carbon monoxide, we also offer 24-hour emergency service so that you can receive the help you need anytime.

To schedule HVAC repair in Lancaster, New Holland, or the surrounding areas, contact us today!

HVAC Maintenance Services

One of the most effective ways to avoid HVAC trouble is through regular preventative maintenance. At The Witmer Company, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for heating and air conditioning systems, including all the basic tasks like:

  • Replacing the air filter and cleaning the air handler
  • Testing the blower motor and adjusting the belt
  • Measuring supply and return airflow
  • Inspecting the electrical system
  • Lubricating moving components
  • Cleaning the burners on furnaces or boilers
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger and flue
  • Testing and adjusting the pilot light or electronic ignition
  • Cleaning the coils on an AC unit or heat pump
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Testing the compressor and start capacitor

Regular maintenance can help to extend the service life of your HVAC system, reduce your utility costs, and prevent unnecessary repairs or premature component failures.

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What Sets Us Apart?

The Witmer Company has been “Setting the Standard in Comfort Since 1941.” As a full-service plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company, our experienced technicians can handle anything from repair to installation. Our company culture is family-oriented, and we will ensure our team and clientele stay comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. We ensure our technicians are clean, uniformed, and respectful when entering customers’ homes – leaving houses the way they found them, if not cleaner.

Through our top-quality heating, cooling, and plumbing services, The Witmer Company aims to build lasting relationships with our customers over the years. Reach out to our team today for more information or check out our reviews – we greatly value feedback from our customers!

Schedule HVAC Services in New Holland or Lancaster

From simple maintenance and repairs to new system installations, our team can handle all your heating and cooling needs. Stop asking yourself, “Where can I find HVAC services near me?” The answer is at The Witmer Company!

To schedule an appointment or request an estimate for HVAC services in New Holland, Lancaster, Ephrata, or the surrounding areas, contact us today at 717-288-7163.


How does HVAC maintenance save me money?

Over time, your HVAC systems are going to end up out of tune; loose parts, accumulated dirt, poor electrical connections, and other problems are going to result in a less efficient machine, which costs you money on energy. In addition to this, regular maintenance reduces the risk of major problems requiring expensive repairs and helps each of your HVAC systems reach their full life span without requiring early replacements.

Can’t I fix my heating and cooling on my own?

Most heating and cooling issues are going to require more expertise than most DIYers have. You can check a few simple issues, though: make sure your air filter is clean or new, make sure the breaker hasn’t flipped (if it keeps flipping, you need professional help), make sure it hasn’t frozen over if the problem is AC (if it keeps freezing, you need professional help), and look in your ducts to see if there are any major obstructions.

Should I be using a heat pump instead of a furnace or air conditioner?

A heat pump has a lot to recommend it for anyone looking to improve efficiency or control room temperatures separately. For heat, it generates a gentler, arguably more comfortable heat than a furnace, kind of like a boiler, and it does so with incredible efficiency—a heat pump can get three to five times the energy efficiency of a furnace for heat. For cooling, it’s quite similar to an air conditioner in technology, but being able to control rooms separately can save you money over time.

How can I cut costs on my HVAC system?

Keeping your HVAC system well-tuned and your air filters clean is a big part of keeping costs down. Repair problems early, before they get more expensive and waste a lot of energy. Beyond these, good insulation and weatherproofing make up a big portion of your overall energy costs—an extremely efficient HVAC system can’t keep costs down if your home is constantly leaking air.

When do I need a new unit instead of repairs?

If your unit isn’t old enough that an upgrade means much better technology, or even old enough that a replacement or additional repairs are inevitable, then you should do it based on the size of the repair at hand and whether there are features you want from a newer unit.

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