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Drain Unclogging in Lancaster, PA

When your drains aren’t working as they should, everyday tasks become difficult. You can’t handle your daily chores when the sink won’t drain properly, yet the drain cleaners you can buy at the store are damaging to your plumbing. If you’ve been thinking of searching for “someone to unclog my drain,” we have the answer.

The Witmer Company has been offering drain cleaning services in the New Holland area since 1941. We have the right tools and knowledge to get your drains back up and running, and will respond promptly when you call.

When your drains start to slow, you need to act fast. For drain unclogging services in New Holland, PA and the surrounding communities, contact The Witmer Company. You can call us at 717-288-7163 or contact us online for help today.

Signs the Drains in Your New Holland Home Are Clogged

When you run water and it won’t flow at all, it’s clear that your drains are clogged, but there are other signs and symptoms to watch for as well. Give us a call if you’re noticing problems like:

  • Water backing up out of your sink drain
  • Water pooling around the shower drain
  • Water draining very slowly
  • Bubbles in the toilet when the sink is on
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains
  • Rotting food smell from the kitchen sink
  • Sewage odors from a drain

We have the right tools and the right knowledge to deal with a clogged drain. In New Holland, PA, reach out to The Witmer Company for help with your clogged drains today.

Emergency Plumbing Service in New Holland, PA

Sometimes clogged drains are just an annoyance, but when the drains won’t flow at all, you face a plumbing emergency. When that happens, you need prompt help. The Witmer Company is available whenever a plumbing problem strikes. We have emergency plumbers on hand to help with your clogged drain 24/7. Don’t wait until you have costly damage to your home or business. At the first sign of a serious clog, reach out to our team.

Call 717-288-7163 or contact us online for plumbing help today. We are here for you whenever a plumbing emergency strikes your New Holland, PA home.

Get Professional Help for Clogged Drains in New Holland, PA Today

If you’ve done your best to unclog your drain on your own, and things just won’t budge, you need professional help. The Witmer Company offers professional drain unclogging services in New Holland, PA, using the latest technology and techniques to get to the heart of the problem. Your clogged drain can be fixed in a short time with one call to our professional team. We have been serving the area since the 1940s and bring a large amount of knowledge and expertise to the job.

If you are looking for plumbing help, including help with your clogged drain, call 717-288-7163. You can also contact our New Holland, PA plumbers online to schedule service.

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