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Booster Pump Services in Lancaster

It’s not at all uncommon to be dissatisfied with the water pressure in your home. Plenty of plumbing and structural complications can cause this, and dealing with water pressure problems can make even the simplest daily task frustrating and time-consuming—cooking, bathing, cleaning, all far slower than they should be, and often with lesser results that you would get with a higher pressure level.

To remedy these issues, we’re happy to provide complete water pump support and services! Whether you’re looking for booster pump sales, installation, or repair, we have you covered.

What Is a Booster Pump?

A booster pump is a simple machine with one very important job: to increase the water pressure throughout a structure. These pumps are made up of a pumping system and set of fan blades that operate much in the same way as an air handler, or the blower assembly in an HVAC system. The booster pump is connected to a water tank, or main line, and from there water enters the pump, gets transferred to the impellers, and is pushed into the main line at a higher pressure than before!

Booster pumps are an ideal solution for a variety of common plumbing issues that cause low water pressure, including:

  • Low pressure caused by plumbing complications
  • Low pressure due to citywide low water pressure from the utility source
  • Poor pressure caused by far distance from your main water source
  • Bad water pressure caused by gravity—common in buildings three floors or higher

How Do I Know If I Need a Booster Pump Installation?

The aim of a water booster pump is to ensure that you’re getting sufficient pressure to your faucets, toilet, bath, and other important plumbing fixtures. If you’re not getting proper pressure (roughly 70 PSI), then a booster pump may be your best bet for optimizing your home or business plumbing systems.

If your building is quite large or far away from the supply line/your supply tank, or you frequently struggle with plumbing issues that arise from having low water pressure, then a booster pump could be the perfect solution. We highly encourage contacting our team to find out more, and to schedule a plumbing inspection! We can help you make the right call, and we’re happy to help you decide whether a booster pump installation is right for you.

Booster Pump Repair

A booster pump can provide your home or business with a great, dependable source of low-flow rate and properly pressurized water. However, just as is the case with any machine or tool, your pump may come down with a problem from time to time. If your pump is failing to accommodate your needs, or you find yourself dealing with poor water pressure even with the pump installed, our plumbing repair teams have you covered.

We offer booster pump repair services that can counter any sort of complication, from unusual or loud noises from the pump to complete booster pump failure. We’ve seen, diagnosed, and repaired it all.

Are you in need of booster pump repairs? Call today, or contact us online to schedule plumbing repair!

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Whether you’re interested in finding out more about water booster pumps, or you need a dependable plumbing and mechanical contractor for water pump installation or repair, you can count on our experts for superior workmanship and quality service.

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