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Whole-Home Dehumidifiers for Pennsylvania Homes

In hot and humid states around the US, a whole-home dehumidifier can help make the indoors more comfortable than just a central air conditioning system. The Witmer Company provides whole-home dehumidifiers as a part of our indoor air quality services in New Holland, PA. Our expert technicians suggest that homeowners who have family members with allergies or asthma will greatly benefit from a whole-home dehumidifier and an air-purifying system. Not only do these systems make everyone more comfortable, but they can make it easier to breathe.

To discuss your home dehumidifier options with an HVAC technician, call The Witmer Company at 717-288-7163 or contact us online!

How Humidity Impacts Your Energy Bills

Just as humidity affects the temperature and feeling outside, it affects the quality of the air inside your home as well! When you turn on your air conditioner, often the air it pulls inside will be just as humid as outside. This means that even if you set your AC at 70°F, it could feel hotter from the humidity. While most air conditioners have a small dehumidifying component, they are often weak and ineffective against high humidity. Oftentimes—even if your thermostat reads 70°F—the humid atmosphere might cause you to lower the AC setting in your home even more. This will ultimately raise your energy bill! By installing a whole-home dehumidifier, your home will feel cool when the thermostat indicates that it is cool. Furthermore, sometimes whole-home dehumidifiers can work independently on the milder days in the fall and spring, so you reduce the cost of using an AC unit some days!

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers in Your New Holland, PA House

The Witmer Company is happy to provide a range of indoor air quality services, including whole-home dehumidifiers. Our techs can install, maintain, and repair your dehumidifier so you can relax knowing you’re breathing better and saving money. If you want more than just a dehumidifier, we have other indoor air quality services such as:

  • Programmable thermostats
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • UV air purifiers
  • Whole-home humidifiers
  • And more!

Why Choose The Witmer Company for Your Whole-Home Dehumidifier?

Since 1941, The Witmer Company has been serving Pennsylvania homes with excellent service and superior quality. We stay up to date with all the cutting-edge technology of the HVAC industry, including indoor air quality products.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your whole-home dehumidifier installation, repair, or maintenance, contact us online or call 717-288-7163 today!

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