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Hot Water Circulator Installation in New Holland, PA

Waiting for hot water is a waste of time and water! Have you ever turned on the hot water faucet and had to wait seconds or even minutes for hot water to arrive? If so, a hot water recirculation system can get you hot water faster…and without all that wasted water down the drain!

The Witmer Company in New Holland can install a hot water recirculating pump in your home. Call us at (717) 288-7163 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today! 

What Is a Hot Water Circulator?

Depending on the configuration and size of your home, your hot water may have a long journey from the water heater to the tap. A hot water circulator is engineered to deliver hot water almost instantly, using one of two types of recirculating pumps that are installed on the hot water tank:

Full Recirculating Pump System

Adjustments are made to your existing plumbing to add a dedicated hot water pipe. By creating a loop from the water heater to the faucet and back, hot water is delivered quickly and easily, and any unused water is returned back to the tank. Most are outfitted with sensors that automatically turn off the pump once the leftover hot water is returned and timers that let you control when the pump is active to conserve energy during times you are asleep, at work, or on vacation.

Recirculating Pump Comfort System

This less expensive alternative utilizes the existing plumbing to return the unused hot water back to the hot water tank. The minor drawback with this type of system is that you may find yourself waiting for cold water, as both hot and cold share the same pipe, and it may initially be lukewarm.

Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

A hot water recirculation system that is professionally designed and installed will provide you with years of reliable service, delivering consistent hot water with even temperatures to each faucet in your home. Benefits of this technology include:

  • No waiting. It can be both frustrating and wasteful to stand at the sink or in the shower waiting for hot water to pour from the tap or showerhead. With a hot water recirculation system, you get instant results with no lag time.
  • Save water. There are a number of ways to conserve water and energy in your home, including installing low-flow toilets and showerheads, using the energy-saving setting on appliances, and ensuring plumbing leaks are addressed quickly. A hot water recirculation pump can also bring big savings of upwards of 10,000 gallons of water annually, by eliminating wasted cold water down the drain while waiting for the hot water to arrive.
  • Flexible control. A timer allows you to control the use of the pump according to your family’s schedule for further savings throughout the year.

About The Witmer Company

Since our company was founded in 1941, The Witmer Company has worked hard to earn and maintain our reputation as the premier plumbing and HVAC company in the Ephrata, Honey Brook, Lancaster, New Holland, and Narvon areas. Our plumbers are exceptionally skilled and trained in all the latest technology and techniques, and have the knowledge and tools needed to complete any plumbing services you need. We are a full-service plumbing company providing fast, efficient plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation, including emergency plumbing services for those times when you need us the most.

Call (717) 288-7163 to schedule an appointment in the Lancaster, PA area, or contact us online today! 

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