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Drain & Sewer Services in Lancaster, PA

The drain and sewer systems in a Lancaster home are critical for disposing of wastewater in a sanitary manner, and from clogs in sink drains to blockages in the main sewer line, they are often the most common source of plumbing problems for the average homeowner.

At The Witmer Company, we offer complete drain and sewer services, including pipe installation and replacement, drain cleaning, sewer augering, and more. Since 1941, we have been providing residential and commercial customers in the Lancaster area with complete HVAC and plumbing services, and we have earned a reputation for quality and dependability.

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Drain & Sewer Services for the Lancaster Area

Whether you need a clog removed or a fixture drain installed, our team at The Witmer Company can help. Our drain and sewer services include:

  • Sewer and drain cleaning
  • Installation and replacement of sewer and drain lines
  • Repair and replacement of sink, tub, shower and toilet drains
  • Video camera inspections
  • Leak locating and repair
  • Drain unclogging

Our plumbing professionals have the tools, technology, and experience necessary to help with all your drain and sewer needs.

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Common Causes of Drain & Sewer Problems in Lancaster County

Because drain and sewer systems are not pressurized and operate primarily through a system of downward-sloping pipes and gravity, they are especially vulnerable to clogs and blockages. The most common causes of sewer and drain problems include:

  • Collections of grease, food particles, hair, and waste that slow the drains or create clogs
  • Accidental flushing of foreign objects, such as moist wipes, personal care products, or toys
  • Pipe damage from age, defective materials, or improper installation
  • Broken sewer lines from the foundation or soil settling
  • Tree roots that infiltrate sewer lines in search of water and nutrients
  • Leaking or missing gaskets in drain lines

At The Witmer Company, our experts can find the cause of your sewer and drain problems quickly using our advanced leak location and video camera inspection techniques. We can then offer repair options that are suitable for the situation and your budget, such as snaking or water jetting to remove clogs in fixture drains, augering to remove stubborn blockages in sewer or drain lines, or complete drain or sewer line replacement, when necessary.

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Call The Witmer Company for Drain & Sewer Services in Lancaster, PA & Surrounding Areas

From pipe installation and replacement, to drain cleaning and sewer augering, our team at The Witmer Company can help with all your drain and sewer needs. In addition to drain and sewer services, we also provide complete plumbing, water conditioning, heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services throughout Lancaster and the surrounding areas, as well as 24-hour emergency plumbing and HVAC services.

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