Video Camera Pipe, Drain, & Sewer Inspection In Lancaster, PA
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Video Camera Pipe Inspections in Lancaster, PA

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Plumbing Repair & Video Camera Drain Inspection Services

At The Witmer Company, we use the latest video camera inspection equipment to help you determine the most affordable and reliable plumbing repair methods for your sewer and drain problems, eliminating any guesswork.

Our plumbing professionals are extensively trained, well equipped, and have the experience necessary to solve even the most difficult plumbing problems. For over 75 years, we have been providing residential and commercial customers in the Lancaster area with quality plumbing and HVAC services, and we have earned a reputation for superior customer service and satisfaction.

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Video Camera Drain & Sewer Inspections

Severe clogs and blockages in drain or sewer lines are one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners in the Lancaster area will face. In some cases, you may be able to remove the clog yourself using plungers, pipe snakes, or a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. In other cases, the clog may be more severe, requiring a professional plumber to determine the cause of the problem and to offer appropriate solutions.

One of the best methods to discover the reason for frequent clogging is a video camera drain inspection. With this service, a small camera connected to a long cable—similar to a pipe snake—is inserted into the clogged pipe. This allows the operator to physically inspect the interior of the pipes and determine what is causing the clogging. For cases like grease accumulation or minor tree root growth, auguring may be the recommended repair. For more serious problems, like damaged pipes, complete replacement may be warranted. We can provide:

  • Sewer video inspections
  • Sewer scope services
  • And general drain and sewer inspections

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Common Drain & Sewer Problems in Lancaster

Because drain and sewer systems depend primarily on gravity to operate, anything that causes a restriction, such as misaligned pipe joint or a foreign object, can lead to a clog or blockage. Some common causes include:

  • Accumulations of grease, hair, paper products, and waste
  • Accidental flushing of keys, toys, moist wipes, hygiene products, or other foreign objects
  • Pipes that are damaged due to age or defective materials
  • Crushed pipes or misaligned joints due to foundation or soil settling
  • Pipe damage due to improper installation, improper backfilling, or excessive loads
  • Tree roots that have grown into pipes seeking nutrition
  • Vent obstructions that prevent makeup air from entering the drain system

With video camera inspection service from The Witmer Company, our team can determine which of these problems is causing your clogging issues, allowing us to offer the most appropriate solutions for your needs and your budget.

For more information about the causes of clogs, talk to our team about a sewer video inspection today!

Sewer & Drain Repair Options for Lancaster County

Depending on the cause, there may be several repair options available for your sewer and drain problems, including:

  • Drain cleaning or enzymatic treatments
  • Periodic auguring of the drain or sewer system
  • Sewer pipe lining to repair leaks and other damage
  • Sewer or drain pipe replacement

To discuss your repair options, contact us today!

Call Today for Video Camera Pipe Inspections in Lancaster

At The Witmer Company, our video camera pipe inspections can quickly determine what is causing your sewer and drain problems, allowing you to avoid wasting time and money on solutions that will not work.

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