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Whole-Home Humidifier Installation in New Holland, PA

Good indoor air quality requires many factors, one of which is the right amount of humidity. While too much humidity causes problems, allowing mold and mildew to grow, too little is also problematic. If the air inside your home is too dry, you will be at higher risk for illness and your home’s structure will be more susceptible to damage. The Witmer Company offers whole-house humidifier systems to help combat this common problem.

If you suspect that dry air is causing problems for your New Holland, PA home, reach out to The Witmer Company at 717-288-7163 or contact us online for help.

How Dry Air Affects Your Home

In the winter, the air inside your Pennsylvania home can become dry and uncomfortable. While this doesn’t impact your energy bills, it does impact your home. Any time your humidity drops below 30%, you will start to notice problems, including:

  • Increased risk of illness – Dry air breeds germs, and those germs can spread to you and your family. You’re at higher risk to catch them, as well, because the membranes lining the nose and throat will not have the moisture they normally have.
  • Respiratory irritations – When your home doesn’t have enough humidity, the interior of the nose becomes dry and irritated. You may notice a bigger problem with nosebleeds as a result.
  • Damage to the home’s structure – The moisture in the wood of your home will suffer when the air is dry. This can cause the wood to shrink, which leads to gaps or leaks. Similarly, wooden items inside your home, like your furnishings, can suffer damage.
  • Static electricity – If you’re shocking everything you come in contact with, dry air is likely the culprit.

Are you noticing any of these problems? The Witmer Company has solutions. Call 717-288-7163 to discuss ways you can increase the humidity inside your home.

Whole-House Humidifiers in Your New Holland, PA Home

If you’re noticing problems that indicate dry air inside your New Holland home, then it’s time to consider a whole-home humidifier. The Witmer Company provides whole-home humidifiers as part of our comprehensive indoor air quality solutions. Our technicians can help you select a humidifier, install it for you, then assist with maintenance and repair. you’ll enjoy properly humid air and the increased comfort that comes with it. We also offer additional indoor air quality services, including:

  • Whole-home dehumidifiers
  • UV air purifiers
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • And more!

Schedule a consultation to discuss your indoor air quality needs by contacting the team at The Witmer Company today.

Why Choose The Witmer Company for Whole-Home Humidifiers?

The Witmer Company is no stranger to Pennsylvania homeowners. Since 1941, we’ve been working to improve indoor air quality and comfort for area homeowners. Today, we bring the industry’s latest technology to the table to help you with your indoor air quality needs, including whole-house humidifiers.

If you are in need of more humidity in your home, call 717-288-7163 or contact us online today to discuss whole-home humidifiers with our qualified team.

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