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Air Conditioning Services in Honey Brook, PA

Summers in Honey Brook can be quite hot and are often accompanied by high humidity. A quality, reliable air conditioning system makes the summer heat far easier to bear. By keeping your system in great condition with frequent maintenance and the occasional repair, you can make sure your home is comfortable throughout the summer.

At The Witmer Company, we can keep your air conditioner operating reliably and efficiently. We offer complete air conditioning services in Honey Brook and the surrounding areas. Our services include routine maintenance, repairs, installations, emergency services, and more. Since 1941, we have been providing AC repairs, AC maintenance, AC replacements, and AC installations in Honey Brook.

Are you having a problem with your air conditioner? Call The Witmer Company today at 717-288-7163 or contact us online to schedule air conditioning services in Honey Brook!

AC Maintenance in the Honey Brook Area

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner running properly. At The Witmer Company, we recommend at least two service visits a year, in the spring and the fall. We service all types and brands of air conditioning equipment, including central air conditioners, heat pumps, packaged systems, and ductless mini-splits. Our AC maintenance typically includes:

  • Replacing the air filter and cleaning the air handler
  • Adjusting the blower fan belt
  • Lubricating blower motor bearings and pulleys
  • Balancing return and supply airflow
  • Inspecting electrical wires, contacts, and terminals
  • Testing safety systems
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and condensate drain
  • Testing the start capacitor and relay
  • Measuring compressor, blower motor, and condenser fan current

By keeping your air conditioner maintained properly, you can extend its service life, save energy, and reduce your cooling costs.

Contact us online today to schedule AC maintenance in Honey Brook or the surrounding area!

AC Repair in Honey Brook

Whether you have a minor problem or a complete system failure, our team at The Witmer Company can help with fast, professional AC repair in Honey Brook. Our certified HVAC experts can handle all common AC problems, including:

  • Startup failures
  • Poor cooling performance or humidity control
  • Restricted or inadequate airflow
  • Frozen evaporator coil or refrigerant lines
  • Water leaks
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Low refrigerant levels or pressures
  • Unusual noises, vibrations, or smells
  • Blower motor, fan, or compressor failures
  • Start capacitor or relay failures

We feature the latest diagnostic equipment to find the cause of your AC problems quickly, and we offer 24-hour emergency AC repair services in Honey Brook for help anytime, day or night.

For AC repairs in Honey Brook or the surrounding areas, contact our HVAC professionals today!

Air Conditioner Replacement in Honey Brook

If you’re considering upgrading your current air conditioner, call our team at The Witmer Company for help. We can discuss your air conditioning options and help you choose the best system for your needs and your budget. We offer complete air conditioner replacement in Honey Brook, and our process typically includes:

  • Removing the old AC equipment
  • Calculating cooling loads
  • Choosing an AC unit with the appropriate capacity and features
  • Installing the condenser, evaporator, air handler, and accessories
  • Testing the performance and efficiency of the system

When you schedule air conditioner replacement in Honey Brook with The Witmer Company, you can count on our services to be quick and efficient. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your new air conditioner before leaving.

Contact us online today for a quote and to schedule air conditioner replacement in Honey Brook!

AC Installation in Honey Brook

If you’re moving into a new home and are looking to schedule AC installation in Honey Brook, look no further than The Witmer Company. Our team of expert HVAC contractors can assist you in choosing the right system for your home that will keep you comfortable for years to come. We will take into account efficiency, the size of your home, and various other factors. To avoid future repairs and breakdowns, trust our technicians to install your unit.

To schedule AC installation in Honey Brook, give us a call at 717-288-7163.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in Honey Brook, PA

From simple maintenance and repairs to emergency service, our team at The Witmer Company can handle all your air conditioning needs in the Honey Brook area.

To schedule an appointment for air conditioning services in Honey Brook, contact our experts at 717-288-7163 today!

Air Conditioning FAQs

How often does my air conditioner need maintenance?

You should have your air conditioner maintained at least once a year, preferably before it gets hot and you start using it more. This will keep your energy costs lower, ensure a longer service life for your system, and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and the expense and frustration of needing emergency repairs or replacement. If you have a heat pump and use it for heat in the winter, you’ll need twice as much maintenance.

What will repairs or replacement cost me?

There are various different factors that can influence the final cost of either, so it’s hard to give a number before we understand the situation. Repairs can be surprisingly cheap if the component that is damaged is common and simple to replace or can cost as much as a new unit. Replacement will, in turn, depend on what sort of unit you’re buying as a replacement, how much labor is involved in pulling your existing unit and fitting your new one in, etc..

What’s the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner?

While both systems work with similar technologies involving heat exchangers and refrigerant lines, a heat pump is designed to be reversible so that you can also use it to provide highly efficient, gentle heat to your home. Heat pumps can also be installed in ductless mini-split configurations, with refrigerant lines connecting multiple indoor units without the need for ducts.

How do I know whether I need to replace or repair my air conditioner?

If your air conditioner is over 10 years old and your repairs are pricey, replacement might be a smart option to take advantage of newer technology and improvements in efficiency while avoiding the risk of any follow-up problems. If your unit is newer or your repairs aren’t too severe, then waiting makes sense — unless your air conditioner is prone to needing repairs or exceptionally old, closer to 20 years.

Can I fix my own air conditioner?

There are a few minor problems you might be able to fix. If your filter is clogged, cleaning or replacing it might be all you need to do. If your breaker flipped, flipping it back may turn your system back on — though if it keeps flipping, you need a pro. For most problems, however, you should leave it to a professional; amateur repairs are dangerous, and you’ll struggle to make any headway.

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